Extra Marital Affair Problem Solution

Extra Marital Affair Problem SolutionExtra Marital Affair Problem Solution

Extra marital affairs have been a growing problem in today’s society, causing immense pain and damage to relationships and families. This issue has become more prevalent due to various factors such as changing social norms, increased work pressure and stress, and the easy accessibility of technology. It is a complex problem that requires a sensitive and holistic approach to find a solution. Astrologer Arun Bhargav, a renowned Vedic astrologer, offers a unique perspective and solutions to this problem.

Firstly, according to Astrologer Arun Bhargav, the root cause of extra marital affairs lies in the placement of planets in one’s birth chart. The positions of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter play a crucial role in determining one’s romantic and sexual nature. A weak or afflicted Venus can lead to a lack of emotional fulfillment in a relationship, leading a person to seek it outside of their marriage. Similarly, the placement of Rahu and Ketu in one’s birth chart can also indicate a tendency towards infidelity.

To address this issue, Astrologer Arun Bhargav suggests performing specific astrological remedies to strengthen the weak planets and balance the negative influences. These remedies include wearing gemstones, performing specific mantras and rituals, and following certain lifestyle changes. These remedies can help bring harmony and balance in one’s relationships and reduce the chances of extra marital affairs.

Moreover, Astrologer Arun Bhargav emphasizes the importance of communication in a relationship. He believes that lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and distance between partners, making them vulnerable to seeking emotional support from others. By encouraging couples to communicate openly and honestly, he helps them understand each other’s needs and strengthen their bond.

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In addition, Astrologer Arun Bhargav also suggests that couples should spend quality time together and engage in activities that bring them closer. This can help rekindle the spark in their relationship and prevent them from seeking excitement and thrill outside of their marriage.

Furthermore, Astrologer Arun Bhargav also offers counseling and guidance to individuals and couples who are struggling with extra marital affairs. He helps them understand the consequences of their actions and the impact it can have on their relationships and families. He also provides them with practical solutions to overcome the challenges and rebuild trust and intimacy in their marriage.

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Apart from individual remedies and counseling, Astrologer Arun Bhargav also believes in the power of performing certain astrological remedies for the well-being and harmony of the entire family. He suggests performing rituals such as Grah Shanti Puja, Navgraha Puja, and Vaastu Puja to remove negative energies and bring peace and positivity in the family.

In conclusion, extra marital affairs are a complex issue that requires a combination of astrological remedies, effective communication, and counseling to find a solution. Astrologer Arun Bhargav’s unique approach, backed by years of experience and expertise in Vedic astrology, offers a comprehensive solution to this problem. His guidance and remedies not only address the root cause of extra marital affairs but also help in building strong and lasting relationships. With his help, couples can overcome this challenge and lead a happy and fulfilling married life.

Extra Marital Affair Problem Solution Review

Extra marital affairs are a common problem that many couples face in their relationships. These affairs can have devastating effects on the individuals involved as well as their partners and families. It is a sensitive and complex issue that needs to be addressed with care and understanding. In this review, I will discuss some possible solutions to this problem.

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First and foremost, communication is key in any relationship. If a couple is facing the issue of extra marital affair, it is important for them to have an open and honest conversation about it. This can be a difficult and uncomfortable conversation, but it is necessary for both parties to express their feelings and concerns. They must also be willing to listen to each other without judgment or defensiveness.

Couples should also seek professional help in dealing with this issue. A therapist or counselor can provide a safe space for both individuals to express their thoughts and feelings and work towards finding a solution. They can also help the couple identify the underlying issues that may have led to the affair and provide guidance on how to address them.

Another important factor in solving this problem is forgiveness. The partner who has been betrayed may find it difficult to forgive their partner, but forgiveness is essential for healing and moving forward. It is also important for the partner who had the affair to take responsibility for their actions and make efforts to regain their partner’s trust.

Setting boundaries and rebuilding trust is also crucial in solving the problem of extra marital affairs. The couple must have open and honest discussions about what is acceptable behavior in their relationship and establish boundaries to prevent future affairs. The partner who had the affair must also be willing to be transparent and rebuild trust through their actions.

Moreover, it is important for the couple to work on their relationship and strengthen their bond. This can be done through quality time spent together, engaging in activities that they both enjoy, and expressing love and appreciation for each other. By focusing on their relationship, the couple can overcome the effects of the affair and build a stronger and healthier bond.

In conclusion, extra marital affairs can be a challenging and painful issue to deal with in a relationship. However, with open communication, seeking professional help, forgiveness, setting boundaries, and working on the relationship, couples can overcome this problem and strengthen their bond. It requires effort and commitment from both parties, but it is possible to find a solution and move forward in a healthy and loving relationship.


Q: What is an extra marital affair?
A: An extra marital affair is a romantic or sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other, but at least one of them is married to someone else.

Q: What are some common reasons for having an extra marital affair?
A: Some common reasons for having an extra marital affair include lack of emotional satisfaction in the marriage, desire for excitement or novelty, lack of communication or intimacy with one’s spouse, and feeling neglected or unappreciated in the marriage.

Q: How can an extra marital affair affect a marriage?
A: An extra marital affair can cause a great deal of emotional pain, trust issues, and even lead to the breakdown of a marriage. It can also have financial and legal consequences, such as divorce settlements and child custody battles.

Q: What are some solutions for addressing an extra marital affair?
A: Some solutions for addressing an extra marital affair include communication and counseling with both partners, setting boundaries and rebuilding trust, addressing underlying issues in the marriage, and considering couples therapy or marriage counseling.

Q: Is it possible to repair a marriage after an extra marital affair?
A: Yes, it is possible to repair a marriage after an extra marital affair, but it requires a lot of effort, honesty, and commitment from both partners. It may also involve seeking professional help and being patient with the healing process.

Q: How can couples prevent extra marital affairs from happening?
A: Couples can prevent extra marital affairs by maintaining open and honest communication, regularly checking in with each other, prioritizing their relationship, and addressing any issues or concerns before they become bigger problems. It is also important to keep the spark alive and make time for each other, even in the midst of busy schedules and responsibilities.

Q: What should someone do if they find out their partner is having an extra marital affair?
A: If someone finds out their partner is having an extra marital affair, they may feel shocked, hurt, and betrayed. It is important to take time to process these emotions and seek support from trusted friends or family members. It may also be helpful to seek individual counseling or therapy to work through these feelings and decide the best course of action for oneself and the relationship.

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