Extra Marital Affair Solution

Extra Marital Affair SolutionExtra Marital Affair Solution

Many individuals search for love outside marriage and form illicit relationships outside their marriages, which create havoc in their marital lives due to an improper combination of planets and constellations.

According to Vedic astrology, for someone to engage in extramarital affairs there must first be an PAC link (placement, aspect or conjunction) between Moon, Venus and Rahu or Ketu – spread kumkum around your spouse’s place of sleeping while reciting her name – so as to bring about an extra-marital affair!

Astrology Totkas

Astrology plays an essential part in our lives. Its practice can be used to gauge compatibility between partners in marriage, though many also seek love outside their marriage and enter illicit relationships that cause many issues within a marriage. Extramarital affairs can result in divorce, separation or other marital issues due to planet influences on an individual’s horoscope.

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Astrologically speaking, Venus is responsible for love and romance as well as desire. If Rahu infiltrates either your house of mates or joins with Mars during its transit through your zodiac, the chances of engaging in an extramarital affair increase significantly – making their placement even more likely in Aries, Scorpio, Gemini or Libra houses even higher.

Mercury can also contribute to extramarital affairs. Mercury represents intelligence, Moon represents instinct, and Jupiter stands for righteousness – so if the planet falls in an unfortunate position (e.g. being conjunct with Rahu), an illicit mind could arise that leads to extramarital affairs. Another key factor is the 11th house: this symbolizes gains, income, and sources of wealth; if this house is weak then there’s increased chances for extramarital relationships to take place.

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Though blaming infidelity on planetary combinations is never wise, seeking advice from an astrologer could provide the appropriate remedies. Totkas may help stop an extramarital affair while keeping your spouse loyal – they may even help restore lost love within relationships!

One of the easiest and most effective astrological totkas to prevent an extramarital affair is applying kumkum to his bed on Sunday night, or any time you choose. Doing this totka can be done easily at any time during the day; simply recite goddess Parvathi’s name while doing this action and request her blessings as you apply the kumkum.

Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds (commonly referred to as fox nuts) are the seeds produced by water lily plants (Nelumbo nucifera), an aquatic plant which anchors itself in stagnant wetlands and produces large hydrophobic leaves and flowers that float on the surface of water bodies. In addition, this aquatic plant also produces round disc-shaped soft fruit pods containing polygonal pits containing ovoid seeds containing rich protein sources as well as B vitamins and dietary minerals; lotus seeds can be found both Asian cuisine as well as traditional medicine applications.

Lotus seed powder’s abundant magnesium content is extremely beneficial to cardiovascular health, helping prevent plaque build-up while protecting blood vessels from any possible heart attacks or strokes. Furthermore, lotus seed has anti-inflammatory properties which further benefit cardiovascular system.

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Seeds contain high levels of soluble fiber and antioxidants that help support weight loss. Furthermore, resistant starches found in seeds may help decrease sugar absorption into the bloodstream while simultaneously managing glucose levels – making this diet particularly suitable for diabetics.

They are also an excellent source of calcium, iron, manganese and potassium – essential nutrients that support bone strength, normal blood pressure and cell function, while providing natural energy boosts to the body.

Lotus seeds contain astringents which may provide relief to those suffering from anxiety and depression by improving sleep patterns. Furthermore, lotus seeds may assist with menstrual problems; however, further research needs to be conducted in order to confirm these benefits.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), lotus seeds provide nourishment for both the heart and spleen. As a yin energy food they promote circulation as well as helping with seminal or vaginal discharge conditions, including ease of seminal or vaginal discharge. They contain alkaloids such as liensiline and neferine with sedative properties which may ease conditions related to seminal and vaginal discharge, reduce fevers or soothe coughs & soothe coughs while they have long been used extensively throughout China to treat respiratory ailments as well as reduce inflammation & improve sleep.


Astrology is an occult science that examines how planets affect your life. It can provide valuable insight for those struggling to comprehend why certain events take place, though astrology should never be used as a judge or punishment; rather, it should serve as a warning sign against extra marital affairs.

Some astrological combinations within one’s horoscope suggest they might be involved in an affair, such as Venus and Rahu. Venus represents love, beauty, and emotional bonding; when combined with Rahu it elicits passion and lustful desires in people. Furthermore, having Mars in one’s birth chart indicates they might be having an affair.

Planets influence natives’ thoughts and behavior, leading them to seek an illicit relationship outside their marriage. A secret love affair can cause major disruptions within a marriage and eventually result in divorce or separation; but with some simple remedies from astrology it may be possible to end these illicit affairs quickly and efficiently.

Kumkum is an effective astrological remedy to protect yourself against extramarital affairs. To perform it on a Sunday evening, simply take some kumkum and spread it along the side of your spouse’s bed while they sleep; on Monday morning collect and apply it directly onto your forehead while invoking Goddess Parvati as part of the process.

Lighting a cube of camphor in your bedroom is another astrological solution to extra marital affairs that should only be carried out at night and with great devotion and belief. This remedy has proven successful at quickly ending an extramarital affair.

Concerned that their partner is having an affair? For more advice and solutions from an expert astrologer on this matter. They will be able to detect any planetary combinations which might be contributing to this and offer solutions accordingly.


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